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Come Home to Your Mind

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Come Home to Your Mind, Natural Awakenings: Welcome

I created Come Home to Your Mind to help all of us dealing with stress and anxiety -- which in the time of COVID-19 is probably almost everyone!  The video below gives you lots of info on what the course covers, and below that you'll find a longer written description.

As a Natural Awakenings reader, you can enroll through June 22 for only $12.99 (regular price is $45).

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What's in the course?

It feels as though life is speeding up, with more to do, greater distractions, and less time to ourselves. But contemplative practices like meditation offer an off-ramp when the pace of life gets overwhelming. You don't have to live in a cave in the Himalayas to benefit from the ancient wisdom behind meditation techniques; in fact, neuroscience increasingly shows that even small amounts of meditation can change our brains for the better, and more than that, it can transform our lives.

I've been practicing meditation now for over 20 years, and this course contains many of the practices I've found most helpful both on the cushion and in daily life. What many courses don't tell you is that learning to sit down and work with your mind is only part of what it takes to live mindfully. You're much more likely to succeed in changing your life if you also consider the situations and habits in your life that train your mind to stay spinning all the time, like multitasking at work (and home), feeling like you're at the mercy of digital distractions all the time, and all the ways we tend to feed the busy monkeys of our mind.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • a variety of techniques for helping the mind slow down and return to the present moment. Not everyone enjoys meditating in the same way, after all!

  • how to supplement your formal meditation practice with opportunities to bring your mind home during the day.

  • about the negativity bias, our brain's innate tendency to fixate on what's threatening rather than what's enriching -- and how to counteract that bias.

  • how to stop multitasking at work.

  • and more!

If you've tried meditating before but just couldn't make it a habit, or you've been meaning to give it a try, here's your opportunity to see what you've been missing. I'll guide you through the process of sitting down to practice, then integrating the skills you've built in your formal meditation into the rest of your life.

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