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The Pomodoro Timer meditation method

The easiest way to fit practice into daily life!


Find more time with Pomodoro Timer

The biggest challenge most meditators face is finding enough time to practice -- and the Pomodoro Timer method is my favorite way to get around this. In this episode, I’ll dive into the Pomodoro Timer method and show you how it can help you get more time to meditate. So, if you’re meditator who always wishes you had more time for practice, sign up ➡️ to get my free time tracking spreadsheet and video training!


25 minutes focus, then (meditation) breaks

The Pomodoro Timer method is a great way to get more time for meditation because it helps you break down your day into manageable chunks. Essentially, the Pomodoro Timer method works like this: you work for 25 minutes and then take a five minute break. After four “pomodoros” (i.e. working for 25 minutes and then taking a five minute break), you take a longer break of 15 minutes. If you use even a few of these breaks to meditate, you'll easy get 20, 30 or more minutes back from your day to nourish your spirit.


Learn more

I made this YouTube video to introduce the Pomodoro Timer meditation method and give you a tour of the spreadsheet (sign up ➡️ to get your free copy).

May you and all beings be well.

Image by Magic Bowls
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