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Buddhism for beginners

ancient wisdom for modern life

Buddhism for beginners: Welcome

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The Four Noble Truths

waking up to a joyful reality

The earliest teachings of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths describe why humans suffer (because we misunderstand the world) and how we can wake up from our trance of unhappiness (by aligning ourselves with reality).

Want books on the Four Noble Truths? Here are three to get you started!

How about an audio overview of the Four Noble Truths? Here's a page with audio lessons.

Click the button below to enroll in a free course introducing beginners to the Four Noble Truths. You'll get teachings, guided meditations, reflection questions, and more.

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cultivating your natural clarity

Meditation helps us reduce stress and anxiety, but it can also help us do much more: reconnect us with our true (and luminous) nature), explore our experiences, and intentionally cultivate wholesome qualities of the spirit.

Find Claire's guided meditations and live sessions on Insight Timer when you tap the button below, or tap here for her podcast with Buddhist meditations and teachings.

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getting saner in daily life

There's more to Buddhism than just meditation! Living consciously and treating others with respect and kindness is a key part of practicing the dharma.

Tap the button below for videos on ways to integrate awareness and compassion into daily life.

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