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Free beginner's guide to Buddhism

the Four Noble Truths: the heart of the dharma

If you've been meditating or practicing yoga for a while and want to know what comes next on the spiritual path, Buddhism's Four Noble Truths are a natural next step. Whether you're Buddhist, spiritual but not religious, or "Buddhi-curious," the timeless truths of Buddha's first teaching can transform your heart and mind.

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Understand the dharma now -- for free

Buddha's wisdom is more relevant than ever in the 21st century. Get bite-sized teachings, guided meditations, and more delivered to your inbox every couple of days.

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Why should you enroll?

The Buddhist tradition has centuries of wisdom to offer -- whether you're a dharma practitioner, a spiritual seeker, or even a follower of a different spiritual tradition.

It can be difficult to get started learning about or meditating in the Buddhist tradition, so I've created this course to make it as easy as possible to learn and be confident that you understand the teachings.

If you're wondering who I am and why you should listen to me (lol!), I've been practicing Buddhism since 1997, teaching meditation since 2004, and a PhD in Religious Studies since 2015.

This course brings you teachings, guided meditations, reflection prompts, and other resources -- all delivered to your inbox every couple of days for two weeks. For free. Why not deepen your spiritual journey today?

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What's in this course?


ancient teachings

The Four Noble Truths were Buddha's first teaching, and they're the foundation for all schools of Buddhism.


guided meditations

When you put them into practice, the teachings can transform your life.


resources you can use

Books, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, all are delivered to your inbox so it's easy to complete the course.

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what students are saying

The instructor is an excellent teacher who is experienced and speaking from her heart. I would try all her future courses.

"I love the structure of the classes and material so far. Very clear, profound and inspiring!!"

This course provides so many practical tools and models for navigating transitions in life. The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging, and responsive.

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