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Buddha's teachings for relaxing into change

Free digital resources: e-book and audio teachings, with a guided meditation to download.

Do change and uncertainty make you anxious? If you've always wanted to improve your life with Buddhist wisdom (but don't know where to start), this digital kit is for you! 

You'll get two mp3s introducing you to teachings on dealing with change so you can listen on the go, plus transcripts for folks who prefer to read. And you get a guided meditation track helps you take this ancient wisdom from your head down into your heart.

This introduction to Buddhism's ancient teachings gives you the materials you need to relate differently to life's inevitable changes: with less stress and more ease.

And if you like this starter kit, there's a 2-week course to continue what you've started.

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greater ease

We live in a world that bombards us with a constant stream of information, decisions to make, and to-do list tasks. It can feel as though we need to change as much as we can, as fast as we can. But the key to finding ease isn't to finish up that to-do list and then relax. Since life isn't slowing down, ease comes through relating differently to the stress and swirl.

less stress

The Buddhist approach to change might sound counter-intuitive: Tuning into the ways life is constantly evolving, then defusing our anxieties. What a challenge! If we can learn how to flow with life's waves, though, the small waves might actually be fun. The larger ones also won't shipwreck us as easily.

more energy for what you love

Often we don't feel like we have enough energy for what we love. When there's a lot on our plates, our normal tendency is to stress out and fight harder to control life. When we ride life's waves, we have the energy for what's most important: loved ones, time outdoors, a leisurely cup of coffee as the sun rises.

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