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the Buddhist path to joy

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an ancient path to a joyful life

Discover for yourself the foundational teachings of Buddhism -- plus how to apply them to the challenges of modern life. You might know that Buddhist teachings focus on suffering, but as you clear away life's unsatisfactory moments, what you're left with is joy.

What you'll learn


meet the author

meditator. educator. nerd.

Hi, I'm Claire, and I've been wondering about the nature of reality most of my life. Once I stumbled across Buddhist teachings in a class taught by Anne C. Klein/Lama Rigzin Drolma, I was hooked!

Now I want to share the most important insights from my practice and study of the dharma with you! I've spent a lot of time doing serious dharma practice and completed a PhD in Tibetan Buddhism at Rice University in 2015.

My mission is to share authentic Buddhist teachings in a form that's straightforward so everyone can benefit from them.

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