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Meditation for martial artists

Dive deeper into the contemplative side of your practice

Below you'll find links to guided meditations, courses, and upcoming live workshops to enhance your martial arts training and bring your contemplative skills to the rest of your life.

Meditation for martial artists: Welcome

Online courses

start any time and go at your own pace

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Essential Tools for Meditation

start your practice today with simple guided meditations and instructional videos

Meditation for Mental Focus

learn the basics of focusing your mind

Come Home to Your Mind

dive deeper into focusing the mind and taking in what's positive -- created for COVID times

Meditation for martial artists: Services

Live workshop Aug. 9

Taking practice into daily life

Join Claire and other friends from Authentic Kung Fu's various locations for a 90 minute follow-up workshop.  We'll review active and passive attention and talk about ways to integrate formal contemplative practice into daily life.  One example is the 12-second pause to savor positive experiences and overcome the brain's bias toward noticing and responding to negative experiences more strongly than positive ones.

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