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Yoshin David Radin on recognizing that we're more than the body

Zen, mystical experiences, and what's beyond ordinary mind

Welcome, friends, in today’s episode I’ll be speaking with author, Zen monk, and founder of the Ithaca Zen Center Yoshin David Radin. Sylvia Boorstein (co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center) described his new book, A Temporary Affair, like this: “These short discourses by an old Zen priest facing his possible imminent death are relaxed and friendly in tone. They speak directly to the heart of human suffering, the confusion that comes from not understanding what is clearly available for us to feel directly and be liberated. It is a book I keep on my bedside table, at close hand when I need a dose of encouragement.”

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Yoshin David Radin. You can read an excerpt from A Temporary Affair on Tricycle’s website here:

Visit Yoshin David Radin’s center:

Find A Temporary Affair here:

To learn more about Buddhism through my free courses, click here:

Or get my book for beginners, The Buddhist Path to Joy, here:

May you and all beings be well.

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Lynn Demarest
Lynn Demarest
Feb 19, 2023

Certainly I am more than a mere meat machine.

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