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Covid rebirth resources: podcasts and a free event with Rick Hanson

After a year of the covid pandemic, with vaccines rolling out and offering hope that things will get back to some kind of normal soon, many people are contemplating what life will look when that new normal arrives. (In many places on the planet, even cautious optimism is too early -- but eventually everyone will emerge from the covid bardo state.)

Here are a few of the resources I've found (and one I created) for reflecting on what comes next for us all: two podcast episodes and a free, multi-day event by Rick Hanson and other well-known meditation instructors.


First, here's a podcast episode I recorded with some insights about "rebirth" from the Tibetan tradition and the ways those can help us think through who we want to be when the world opens back up -- whenever that may be.


And here's another episode that "pairs" well with mine, conversations between John Moe and Dr. Ken Duckworth, medical director of National Alliance on Mental Illness, and therapist Dr. Ksera Dyette.


Finally, there's Rick Hanson's "Life After Covid" virtual summit featuring Sharon Salzberg, Hanson, and other experts and teachers. It's free and looks like it's going to be great! If you go, please leave a comment here and we can share notes.

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