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DIY meditation retreat: 3 tips for beginners

What do you need to do to set yourself up for success for your first time doing a DIY meditation retreat? Here are a few DIY retreat ideas you can use, even if you've never tried this before! Scroll to the bottom to watch the 7-minute video or listen to the podcast episode.

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Some tips to start with

1) Integrate retreat into your practice

Before you leave for retreat, start reading about and practicing the topic you're going to practice on retreat (like calm abiding, loving kindness, or whatever you'd like to work on).

2) Go somewhere else

Life at home is different from life in a monastery or community setting, and if possible, go somewhere else (like a cabin or even tent in nature) to do your retreat. If you need to do your meditation retreat at home, create a special space for it -- not where you work or play daily.

3) Go offline

Don't waste your precious retreat hours stirring up the same old concerns in your mind! Put your phone in airplane mode and let your mind settle.

Listen here ➡️

Watch here ⬅️

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