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I got covid -- and Canadian permanent residence!

Y'all, the past few weeks have been eventful for me (if lying on the couch for days at a time can be called eventful). I came up to Quebec in late February and did a couple of weeks of quarantine then. A couple of weeks after I finished that quarantine, I started feeling like I had a cold... and then more like the flu... and when I got tested, I was positive for covid. I made a video about the experience (see below) and what I learned from it, but for the record I'd like to state that even a mild case of covid is unpleasant, and I can't wait to get vaccinated!

And as if to balance out the crappiness of a couple of weeks spent with low energy, gradually becoming one with my couch, the Universe also nudged the Canadian government to approve my application to become a permanent resident. Woo hoo! I was so excited, but with no energy to leap about and celebrate. (I'm doing a happy dance now, though.) I applied for permanent residence last March, but I've been in a slow-motion transition up here from Texas for the past couple of years as my boyfriend -- now husband -- and I got more serious, then got married, and I started my current business in part to be able to travel up here to visit him. Now I'll be traveling down south to visit friends and family.

So much for my personal updates! I'm also planning summer offerings, so you have a chance to share what you're most interested in here, or see the embedded form below the video. I'm thinking of offering an introduction to the wild and wise feminine within us all (are you interested?), and I'm planning a series on Buddhist basics and am figuring out now what to focus on (philosophy? meditation? both?). So please take this three-question survey and have your say about what I offer this summer and fall!

Thanks for reading, friend. :)

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