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Near death experiences, mediums, psychedelics, reincarnation -- and so much more!

If you've ever wondered about the so-called paranormal (whether these phenomena are real, what they can tell us about what continues after death and who we are as humans), then you'll want to catch the new season of my podcast, Letting Grow! We're taking a deep dive into all these wild and wonderful topics, starting with near death experiences and what they can tell us about the death process. As the season progresses, I'll introduce you to folks who have received communications from departed loved ones, a wise intuitive/medium who connects with folks on the "other side" (is it other?), and a couple of people with incredible stories to share from previous lives! Plus I'll talk psychedelics with an expert and someone with a lot of experience.

You can listen to the season teaser above or click here to open the episode (and subscribe) on your preferred podcast player.

And now you can sign up below to get a free quick guide to the rebirth process to review the core teachings from last season -- and get book recommendations and other resources to help you learn more about the Tibetan teachings on reincarnation that help explain near death experiences, mediumship, psychedelics, and more!

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